Govt. Degree College, Sumbal is a newly established college but we have nevertheless worked hard to establish a useful library in the college in a very short period of time. The library has grown to a collection of 5,500+ modern text and is currently housed on the ground floor of the main campus building. A new 3 floor library complex is under construction in the complex and when completed the college will have a spacious and modern library with an auditorium and the capacity to house tens of thousands of texts and references.

Reference & Textbook Hall

The main hall of the library houses more than 5,500 modern textbooks. Most of the textbooks in the library cannot be afforded by the students of the college and the library textbook section is highly popular with the students..

News/Reading Room

The college library subscribes to a wide collection of local and national dailies, as well as weeklies and journals which are available in the reading room to students.


Librarian's Room & Cataloging Section

The librarian's Room and automation section are where the library receives, catalogs and tracks books and journals.