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NOTICE-Subject Tour of Chemistry Students of UG 5th Semester (Batch 2019) NOTICES GENERAL 20.05.2022
Cybersecurity Seminar on 12th May 2022 on the theme “Online Ad Tracking and Profiling" (part of Cyber Jaagrokta Divas Initiative) PRESS RELEASES ACTIVITY 13.05.2022
Date Sheet for Practical/Internal Examination of UG 3rd Semester Batch 2020 DATE SHEETS PRACTICAL EXAMS 09.05.2022
Talent Hunt Competition for Mehandi Designing NOTICES ACTIVITY 28.04.2022
NOTICE Regarding Regular Classwork for UG 5th Semester Batch 2019 (w.e.f. 28-04-2022) NOTICES GENERAL 25.04.2022
Qiraat and Naat Competitions on 23rd and 25th April 2022 NOTICES ACTIVITY 20.04.2022
Notice Regarding Uniforms NOTICES GENERAL 29.03.2022
Admission Notification for 5th/6th Semester Batch 2019 NOTICES ADMISSION 24.03.2022
Student Seminar organized by Women's Development Cell, Debates & Seminars Committee & NSS Unit on the eve of International Women's Day REPORTS ACTIVITY 17.03.2022
Notice Regarding Seminar on Women as Managers NOTICES ACTIVITY 11.03.2022
Red Ribbon Club Enrolment Notice 2022 NOTICES GENERAL 10.03.2022
NOTICE Regarding Self Defense Camp for Girls NOTICES GENERAL 07.03.2022
Notice for Specially Abled Students NOTICES GENERAL 07.03.2022
Speech Competition on National Women's Day 2022 NOTICES ACTIVITY 28.02.2022
Registration for Multi Lingual Poetry Competition on 26th Feb 2022 (Venue GDC Sopore) NOTICES ACTIVITY 22.02.2022
Reopening of College for Offline Classwork NOTICES GENERAL 14.02.2022
National Level Policy Hackathon Competition NOTICES GENERAL 12.02.2022
Vaccination of All the Students NOTICES GENERAL 01.02.2022
Webinar on National Voters Day organized by GDC Sumbal on 25th January 2022 PRESS RELEASES ACTIVITY 25.01.2022
Webinar on the theme 'Importance of Girl Education in Our Society" of the occasion of National Girl Child Day 2022 PRESS RELEASES ACTIVITY 24.01.2022
Notification Regarding Conduct of Essay Competition-Celebration of National Girl Child Day-2022 NOTICES GENERAL 20.01.2022
Notification Regarding the Post matric Scholarships 2021-22 NOTICES SCHOLARSHIPS 20.01.2022
Webinar on the occasion of National Youth Day 2022 PRESS RELEASES ACTIVITY 12.01.2022
NOTICE Regarding Scholarship Forms Submitted Through NSP NOTICES SCHOLARSHIPS 06.01.2022
Webinar on “Mobile Devices Security” as part of Cyber Jagrookta Divas Initiative PRESS RELEASES ACTIVITY 03.01.2022
GDC Sumbal Alumni Meet 2021 organized on 28th December 2021 PRESS RELEASES ACTIVITY 28.12.2021
Alumni Meet 2021 to be held on Tue, 28th December 2021 NOTICES ACTIVITY 22.12.2021
Important Notice for Candidates who have applied for Scholarships through NSP under ST Category NOTICES SCHOLARSHIPS 16.12.2021
Notice Reg. Post Matric Scholarships NOTICES SCHOLARSHIPS 25.11.2021
Observance of Constitution Day 2021 NOTICES ACTIVITY 25.11.2021
Press Release - Seminar on Cybersecurity PRESS RELEASES ACTIVITY 20.11.2021
Notice Regarding Cancellation of Scholarships under PMSS Minority Scheme NOTICES SCHOLARSHIPS 20.11.2021
Press Release - Mehfil-e-Mushaira organized by the College PRESS RELEASES ACTIVITY 18.11.2021
Seminar on Cyber Security on 20 Nov 2021 as part of Cyber Jaagrokta Diwas FLYERS & BROCHURES ACTIVITY 17.11.2021
Disclaimer on Unauthorised Social Media Accounts like Facebook and Instagram Pages, etc in the name of the Institution NOTICES GENERAL 15.11.2021
Notice for Practical Examination of 1st Sem (Batch 2021 and all Backlog Candidates) NOTICES PRACTICAL EXAMS 08.11.2021
Awareness Program on 8-11-2021 by Women's Empowerment/Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell in collaboration with the College Student Grievance Redressal Cell NOTICES ACTIVITY 06.11.2021
Commonwealth Masters Scholarship Program (2022) in the United Kingdom for Indian Students CIRCULARS SCHOLARSHIPS 18.10.2021
Schedule for Verification of Scholarship Forms under Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme through NSP at Institute Level NOTICES SCHOLARSHIPS 07.10.2021
Admission Notification for BG 3rd/4th Semester Batch 2020 NOTICES ADMISSION 07.10.2021
Visit of Director Planning, HED, Mr. G. M. Ganaie to the College Campus PRESS RELEASES GENERAL 01.10.2021
Notice for Practical Examination of Backlog Students of Batch 2016 in Chemistry NOTICES CHEMISTRY 01.10.2021
Press Release - Awareness Program on Capital Market by Department of Economics PRESS RELEASES ACTIVITY 30.09.2021
Timetable 1st Semester Batch 2021 (wef Oct 2021) OTHER GENERAL 30.09.2021
Resumption of Offline Classwork at GDC Sumbal w.e.f. 30 Sept 2021 NOTICES GENERAL 29.09.2021
Webinar on Money Management CIRCULARS ACTIVITY 27.09.2021
Online Webinar on the theme "Stop Child Sexual Abuse and POSCO Act 2012" on 28th September 2021 CIRCULARS ACTIVITY 27.09.2021
Vaccination Drive for Students on 18-09-2021 NOTICES GENERAL 16.09.2021
Azadi ka Mahotsav Air Show by Divisional Administration Kashmir on 26 Sept 2021 at SKICC Srinagar CIRCULARS ACTIVITY 15.09.2021
Most Important Notice NOTICES GENERAL 08.09.2021
Notice for Enrollment in NSS (2021) CIRCULARS ACTIVITY 07.09.2021
Submission of Vaccination Certificate by Students of GDC Sumbal CIRCULARS GENERAL 07.09.2021
Campus Placement Drive for Pass-out Students (Sep 2021) CIRCULARS GENERAL 06.09.2021
Vaccination Drive for Students on 24-08-2021 NOTICES GENERAL 21.08.2021
Book Review Competition organized by Divisional Administration Kashmir CIRCULARS ACTIVITY 20.08.2021
Drawing, Singing, Instrumental and Poem Writing Competitions at GDC Sumbal CIRCULARS ACTIVITY 09.08.2021
(Updated 5 August 2021) Google Classroom & Wise App Codes for Online Classrooms NOTICES GENERAL 05.08.2021
Mass Vaccination Drive for Students and Staff on 28-07-2021 NOTICES GENERAL 27.07.2021
Completion of Admission Formalities-BG 1st Semester Batch 2021 NOTICES ADMISSION 19.07.2021
Online Exam Notice - Computer Apps 3rd Sem Skill Course - PHP Programming NOTICES EXAMINATION 09.07.2021
Online Exam Notice - B.Com 3rd Sem Paper - Personal Selling & Salesmanship NOTICES EXAMINATION 09.07.2021
Online Exam Notice - Disaster Management 3rd Semester NOTICES EXAMINATION 09.07.2021
Online Exam Notice - Social Work 3rd Semester NOTICES EXAMINATION 07.07.2021
Online Exam Notice - Functional English 3rd Semester (B.A. Backlog Batches) NOTICES EXAMINATION 07.07.2021
Online Examination Notice - Financial Economics (Skill Course) 3rd Semester (B.A.) NOTICES EXAMINATION 06.07.2021
Online Exam Notice - Macroeconomics I 3rd Semester (B.A.) (Regular, Backlog & Private) NOTICES EXAMINATION 06.07.2021
Online Exam Notice - Computer Applications 3rd Semester Core Paper (Programming in C/C++) (For All Regular, Backlog and Private Candidates) NOTICES EXAMINATION 04.07.2021
Online Exam Notice - General English 3rd Semester (BSc BSc-N) NOTICES EXAMINATION 03.07.2021
Online Exam Notice - INCOME TAX LAW & PRACTICE 3rd Semester B.Com (Regular, Backlog, Private) (with Online Paper Link) NOTICES EXAMINATION 02.07.2021
(Updated 29 Jun) Google Classroom & Wise App Codes for Online Classrooms NOTICES GENERAL 01.07.2021
Online Exam Notice - General English 3rd Semester Paper (B.A.) - with Online Paper Link NOTICES EXAMINATION 30.06.2021
Online Exam Notice - History Paper 3rd Semester Batch 2019 (with Online Paper Link) NOTICES EXAMINATION 30.06.2021
(Updated) Google Classroom & Wise App Codes for Online Classrooms CIRCULARS GENERAL 29.06.2021
Online Exam Notice - Disaster Management Paper 3rd Semester (Batch 2019) (with Online Paper Link) DATE SHEETS EXAMINATION 28.06.2021
Datesheet for Online Exams 3rd Sem Batch 2019 to be conducted wef 01-07-2021 DATE SHEETS EXAMINATION 28.06.2021
Workshop on Psychosocial Support for COVID Pandemic Condition FLYERS & BROCHURES ACTIVITY 25.06.2021
Result of Poster Competition held on the occasion of World Environment Day 2021 CIRCULARS ACTIVITY 19.06.2021
Notice for Internal Examination 2nd Semester General English Tutorial NOTICES EXAMINATION 14.06.2021
Online Classroom Codes w.e.f. June 2021 NOTICES GENERAL 12.06.2021
Online Classwork for BG 1st Semester (Batch 2021) and 6th Semester (Batch 2018) NOTICES GENERAL 07.06.2021
Submission of Online Applications under Post-Matric Scholarship DSW 2020-21 NOTICES SCHOLARSHIPS 03.06.2021
Notice Internal Examination General English (3rd Semester) NOTICES PRACTICAL EXAMS 31.05.2021
Press Note for the Webinar on Resilience & Coping among Youth in COVID-19 PRESS RELEASES GENERAL 29.05.2021
Webinar on Resilience & Coping among Youth in COVID-19 FLYERS & BROCHURES ACTIVITY 27.05.2021
Online Exam Notice for English Writing Skills Paper (5th Sem Batch 2018) NOTICES EXAMINATION 25.05.2021
Exam Notice for Pending Papers of 5th Sem (Batch 2018) NOTICES EXAMINATION 24.05.2021
Google Classroom & Wise App Codes for Online Classrooms NOTICES GENERAL 21.04.2021
Notice for Submission of Category Certificates (1st Sem Batch 2021) NOTICES ADMISSION 09.04.2021
Pre-Admission Form and (Updated) Notice (Batch 2021) NOTICES ADMISSION 05.04.2021
Notice - Schedule for Updation of Batch 2021 Admission Forms (1st Semester) NOTICES ADMISSION 03.04.2021
One Day Badminton Tournament on 3rd April 2021 CIRCULARS ACTIVITY 25.03.2021
College Prospectus 2021 FLYERS & BROCHURES ADMISSION 24.03.2021
Kashmir University UG Admission Instructions for Colleges & Students 2021 NOTICES ADMISSION 24.03.2021
Admission Notice B.Sc B.Com B.A. (2021 Batch) NOTICES ADMISSION 24.03.2021
Notice for Pre-Admission Counselling (2021 Batch) NOTICES ADMISSION 24.03.2021
Plantation Drive at GDC Sumbal in collaboration with Department of Social Forestry PRESS RELEASES ACTIVITY 24.02.2021
Schedule for Resumption of Classwork at GDC Sumbal w.e.f. 15th Feb 2021 NOTICES GENERAL 13.02.2021
Notice for Practical Examinations, 6th Sem Batch 2017 and 1st Sem Batch 2020 NOTICES EXAMINATION 31.12.2020
Call to Students of Govt. Degree Colleges of J&K for Innovative Ideas CIRCULARS ACTIVITY 23.12.2020
Assignment Questions for 1st Semester Examination (Nov 2020) All Subjects (UPDATED) NOTICES EXAMINATION 02.11.2020
Exam Notification for 1st Semester (Batch 2020) Regular/Private and Backlog Batch 2016,2017,2018,2019 NOTICES EXAMINATION 02.11.2020
Google Classroom Codes for 6th Sem (Batch 2017), 5th Sem (Batch 2018), 3rd Sem (Batch 2019) NOTICES GENERAL 07.09.2020
Admission Notification 5th and 6th Sem Batch 2018 NOTICES ADMISSION 03.09.2020
Admission Notification 3rd and 4th Sem Batch 2019 NOTICES ADMISSION 03.09.2020
National Webinar on "Indian Economy: Current Scenario and Way Forward" FLYERS & BROCHURES ACTIVITY 03.09.2020
National Webinar on "Environmental Sustainability Challenges & Strategies: A Way Forward" FLYERS & BROCHURES ACTIVITY 04.08.2020
Circular on Manodarpan CIRCULARS GENERAL 04.08.2020
Result of Essay Competition on the topic "Yoga: The Key to Fitness" RESULT GENERAL 26.06.2020
Merit List for Online Essay Competition "COVID19 A Trade-off Between Health & Economy" June 2020 RESULT GENERAL 24.06.2020
Online Essay Competition on the eve of International Yoga Day FLYERS & BROCHURES ACTIVITY 17.06.2020
Important Notice for Students Regarding Alternative Mode of Examinations and Submission of Assignments NOTICES EXAMINATION 16.06.2020
Google Classrooms Codes of GDC Sumbal (Last Update: 17 Jun 2020) NOTICES GENERAL 13.06.2020
GDC Sumbal Online Essay Competition on COVID-19 OTHER GENERAL 09.06.2020
Press Release for One Day Workshop on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) PRESS RELEASES GENERAL 10.03.2020
Press Release for One Day Seminar on "Learning Outcomes based Curriculum Framework (LOCF) for UG Programme B. Sc. (Electronics)" PRESS RELEASES GENERAL 07.03.2020
Press Release reg. Visit of Hon'ble Commissioner-Secretary to Higher Education Department, Dr. Asghar Hassan Samoon to GDC Sumbal dt 2017.07.06 PRESS RELEASES GENERAL 06.07.2017
Important Notice to UG Sem 2 Students reg. Admission Documents dt 2017.07.05 NOTICES ADMISSION 05.07.2017
Press Release reg. Annual College Road Race for Boys held on 2017.05.25 PRESS RELEASES GENERAL 25.05.2017
Press Release reg. bagging of Gold & Bronze Medals in Annual Intercollege Athletic Meet (16-18 May) 2017 by the College Athletes dt 2017.05.20 PRESS RELEASES GENERAL 20.05.2017
Press Release reg. Mixed Martial Art Program held on 2017.05.09 PRESS RELEASES GENERAL 09.05.2017
Admission Notification 1st Sem 2017 dt 2017.03.18 NOTICES ADMISSION 18.03.2017
Press Release on National Science Day 2017 Program dt 2017.03.07 PRESS RELEASES GENERAL 07.03.2017
Notice reg. Commencement of Classwork for Sem 2 (2017) dt 2017.03.02 NOTICES GENERAL 02.03.2017