Department of Geography

Govt. Degree College, Sumbal



The Department of Geography was established in 2014. The department has acquired a distinctive identity in the entire state of J&K in general and in the college in particular.

Owing to the widening scope of Geography, the department is trying to cater ot the needs of students and to come up to their expectations. Two well developed laboratories have been set up to enhance the practicality of the courses.

The geography labs are well equipped with models, maps and other instruments of geographical importance. This includes 3D maps, 2D maps, Globes, Prismatic Compasses, Dumpy Levels, Plane Table, Survey Material with all required accessories. The department also possesses digital altimeter and barometers. The department also has a collection of more than 300 books related to diverse fields of geography.

As the department is at a critical stage and developing rapidly, we hope that the department will touch new heights in the future.

Courses Offered:

The Department is offering the following courses:

Course Code Course Name Degree Semester
- Physical Geography First
- Philosophies and Methodologies in Geography Second
GG401 Approaches to Human Geography Fourth