• To make Truth, Beauty and Goodness as the face of the human society.
  • To generate Human Resource that will form societies governed by love, mutual respect and moral values


  • To carry out the teaching work more regularly and comprehensively by using interdisciplinary approaches, mutual coordination and instructional strategies.
  • To make learning a purposeful, pleasant and joyful activity.
  • To develop personality traits of students.
  • To acquaint students with e-learning.
  • To provide variety of opportunities suitable to the intellectual, motivational and occupational requirements of the learners.
  • To prepare students to think logically, analytically and critically.
  • To disseminate knowledge that will broaden the vision of learners about scientific truths so as to make human life more comfortable.
  • To prepare the students as future entrepreneurs by imparting skill based education in tune with NEP 2020.