Department of History

Govt. Degree College, Sumbal



The Department of History works towards imparting students with an understanding of the history of India and Kashmir in its political, economic and socio-cultural aspects. It also designs on furnishing them with a broad overview of world history.

In doing so the department aspires to create an academic community of scholars having an insight into the history of their country and region. This would in turn qualify them in making sense of their present and discerning what has and what has not remained constant.

The target is also to endow students with analytical and critical faculties, the ability to present facts systematically and analyse and weigh evidence in order to arrive at right conclusions.

Courses Offered:

The Department is offering the following courses:

Course Code Course Name Degree Semester
CR-HSI Ancient India/ Ancient Kashmir B.A. First
CR-HSII Medieval India/ Medieval Kashmir B.A. Second
HS-UG1602 Medieval Kashmir B.A. Fourth